Media Gallery


Media Gallery

Welcome to the SIM Malawi Media Gallery. Here you will find movies, still images and audio, reflecting a range of activities across SIM Malawi.

In our Movies we Spotlight People and we Spotlight Projects. The Spotlight on People section sees a range of current and former SIM Malawi missionaires and others talk about their experiences in Malawi, or look at wider aspects of mission or a particular Ministry with which they are involved. Spotlight on Projects looks in more detail at specific projects which are currently under way.

In Images we have a series of albums from a range of activities; from projects to SIM Malawi events such as the Spiritual Life Conference. This section is again intended to show the breadth of the activities carried out by SIM Malawi personnel and also that we can enjoy ourselves!

In the Audio section you will find some of the keynote talks from the Pastors' Book Set Conference which help give a wider view on mission.