Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ


SIM Malawi’s Spiritual Life Conference 2019 will again be held at the Kara O’Mula Centre on the slopes of Mount Mulanje. This year we will be led through Paul’s letter to the Colossians by SIM USA’s Rocky Mountains Regional Director, Bob Setor

The annual Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) is a chance for all SIM Malawi missionaries in-field at that time to come together for a week of Bible study and prayer, a time of catching up with friends from other parts of the country and a chance to enjoy time away in a beautiful part of God’s creation.

This year we will, again, encamp at the Kara O’Mula Conference Centre where we will be led by SIM USA’s Bob Setor who, with his wife Grace, served at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi for a number of years.

Working through Paul’s Letter to the Colossians, Bob is very clear on teaching about who Jesus is: “Any teaching that is contrary to the truth that Jesus is fully God and fully man and He alone (not Him plus anything else) is enough, represents an attack on the very core of Christianity and its fundamental beliefs,” he said.

Place of beauty:  Kara O’Mula sits on the slopes of the Mulanje Massif

“During our few days at this year’s SLC and under the theme, Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ, we will engage with parts of Colossians to let the book, as Max Lucado puts it, “remind us of the great truth that Jesus is our all-in-all. He is all our souls need, and all our hearts desire. We become different and make a difference by ordering our lives around the incomparable Christ”.

Bob continued:

“In spite of the fact that the Colossian church was vibrant and growing strong in its relationships with God and fellow believers, it was not spared the attempts at false teaching against the person and work of Christ. Such heretical teaching was based on ‘hollow and deceptive’ philosophies of human traditions and principles of the world.

SLC 2019 leader: Bob Setor with his wife Grace

“If the heresy had been allowed to spread and flourish, the false teaching parading as truth would have had a devastating potential to rob the Colossian believers of their security in Christ and the joy of their salvation. A timely intervention of a leader of the church was invaluable!

“This leader’s deep desire and passion to shield and protect God’s flock at Colossae from a possible heresy outweighed the hardship of a 1,300-mile journey to Rome to visit Paul in prison. Colossians was Paul’s reply to the concerns of the Colossian church leader Epaphras. Paul wrote to warn the Colossians against the heresy that they faced, reminding them that Christ is all we need for salvation and for living the Christian life. The apostle argued that, Christ is pre-eminent in everything and He alone is the source for Christian life.”

In addition to the Bible teaching for the adults, the children will have a full and fun-packed programme which this year will be led by Laurette Hoagland, Children & Family Pastor, Greeley, Colorado USA.  So SLC really is a time for all the family and, if last year is any guide, the kids will, again, enjoy the centre and its grounds to the full!

Giving the adults food for thought before the event, Bob has posed some interesting questions based on the Letter to the Colossians:

What relevance does the content of this letter have for followers of Christ today?

What specific issues did the letter address?

What lessons and encouragements does the book of Colossians provide for today’s believers?

We await, with eager anticipation, the answers to these, and more, questions at SLC 2019!

There will be a full report on SLC 2019 in the September issue of Malawi Amoto

SLC 2018 - Morning worship: Each day starts with a worship session led by different groups of missionaries