Malawi Amoto Editorial


Happy New Year! Our first issue of 2015 is full of ‘new’ things. We have a new country director, and a report on a NEW role for our former Country Director, Hans-Jörg Richter.

Our NEW director is Mike Hammond, who has been Dep Director for some time now.  We will include an interview with Mike in the next issue of Malawi Amoto.

There are NEW opportunities for Sports Friends Malawi in the Liwonde area, near the southern tip of Lake Malawi.

There is a NEW CD, produced by Youth Ministry Co-ordinator Pete Ong, featuring two youth choirs from the AEC.

There is a NEW section - ‘Our People Out There(??)-’ - looking at some of the work SIM Malawi missionaries are doing which falls outside their main ministry roles.

And there is a report on a training course in Sri Lanka which has proved to be a turning point for our Regional Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator.

H-J’s new role

Sri Lanka training

Sports Friends new horizons

Nyimbo za Paulendo

Our people out there 

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