Paper Hats and the love of Jesus


Paper Hats & the love of Jesus

Part of the HOPE for AIDS orphan  care program in Malawi are under-5 day care centres which rely on local volunteers to provide basic preschool lessons, a daily meal and generous dose of love and attention. A key component is to invest in our volunteer teachers many of whom have not completed secondary school, have only been exposed to rote learning, have only basic bible knowledge and have never taught others, especially children, before!

Only one thing to do when the hat is finished!     Photo: Jo Ong, SIM Malawi

We were excited to start some new trainings at the Ngabu OVC centre focusing on what makes a Christian teacher and how to bring spiritual truths  into lessons, creative teaching  (hence newspaper hats!) and basic child development so the see beyond chanting numbers and alphabets .

During the practical time it was so exciting to see the teachers suddenly ‘come to life’ as they were encouraged by the kids response and could see that what they prepared was really ‘working’!

We believe they have the potential to have a wonderful influence on these vulnerable children and we pray that now their own confidence is growing so they are willing to rise even further to meet the challenge.

Ngabu is one of five OVC day care centres supported by HOPE for AIDS.

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