Can you spare just US$12


Can you spare just US$12 to send someone to Youth Camp in Malawi?

Every three years SIM Malawi and the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) organise a national youth camp to which young people from the AEC across Malawi come together for a week of teaching, worship and fun.

This year around 400 young people will gather at the Nalikule College of Education in Lilongwe to look at the theme of ‘Our Identity in Christ’. The camp will be led by Pastor Felix Gilbert, and a youth team, from the Restoration Christian Fellowship in the USA.

“The national youth camp is a great platform for the youth to come to know Jesus and to understand what being a Christian youth is all about, and a great week just to have fun as well,” said Pete Ong, SIM Malawi’s Youth Co-ordinator.

“The theme we are focusing on this year, ‘Our Identity in Christ’, is an important one for the youth as they are at that stage of their lives where they are wrestling with big questions of life such as identity and purpose.

“We do need help to make this camp a reality. Each young person attending the camp will make a small, personal contribution towards the cost but we still need to raise US$4,800 or about US$12 per young person attending.

“The National Youth Camp is just one of the many ministry activities of our Youth Ministry program. Seminars, discipleship groups and smaller training workshops also feature prominently throughout the year, and they too can be supported through donations of any size to the project mentioned below.

“We hope and pray that our friends around the world will be able to help us to get as many young people to the camp as possible by making a donation to help us meet the cost of the camp.”

If you would like to partner with us in this work and donate to the AEC Youth Camp 2019, please visit our donate page (see tab below) and follow the prompts to the relevant page on your nearest SIM site. When donating please quote SIM Malawi Project #MW96658 Youth Ministry Capacity Building. Thank you for your prayers and your support.