He is Supreme


Day 2. He is Supreme

Almighty Lord, You are supreme in all the universe! You alone deserve the adoration and worship of our hearts. There is none like You.

Although we do not worship idols of wood and stone, we recognise that there are idols in our hearts – even good things that have become more important to us than You: money, pleasure, influence; home, spouse, children; technology, books; fitness and beauty; even our ministries. Forgive us that we seek significance and security in these things rather than in You and your love. Forgive us for the sacrifices we make for these things when we are often reluctant or unwilling to make sacrifices for You and your people. Forgive us that we lead others to make these things idols, as they see the wrong priority we give to them in our lives. We surrender these idols to You and commit ourselves to seeking our identity and satisfaction in You. May You and You alone reign in our hearts. May we be wholly devoted to You.


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