Day 1: He is Holy


Day 1. He is Holy

Lord of hosts, we praise You for your holiness, for your absolute purity, seen in your Word, and supremely in the life of your Son, Jesus. You are light and in You there is no darkness. Give us a greater vision of You in all your holiness. Give us a greater desire to be like You in your holiness.

Your majestic holiness exposes our hidden sin, and we confess we have unclean lips, unclean thoughts, and unclean hands. At times we fear your holiness because of our sin. But we thank You that You have made it possible for us to come into your holy presence through Christ.

We thank You that Christ died so that we might be forgiven. We thank You that He died that we might be holy. Thank You for the work of holiness that You have begun in us. Help us by your grace to live a life that reflects your holiness in all that we think, say and do.


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