Day 9. He is All-Knowing


Day 9. He is All-Knowing

Lord of Lords and King of kings we honour You because your knowledge is beyond understanding.

You know everything about us.

Thank You, Almighty God, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and all that is in it, that You care for us. Thank You that there is nothing that happens in our lives that lies outside your sovereign control and plan.

Thank You that you know us through and through. Lord, this encourages us. You understand us when no one else understands us. You understand our thoughts, our heart’s desires to serve You, our intentions, even when thing go wrong. You understand our joys and our sorrows. You understand the things that encourage us; You understand our troubled and anxious thoughts. But Lord, this also frightens us, because we know that our thoughts and intentions are not always good or worthy of You. Help us always to share our thoughts with You, knowing that You love and care for us and will not condemn or reject us. Change us where I need to change.

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