Day 8. He is Gracious


Day 8. He is Gracious

Thank You Lord that in your great love You do not treat us as we deserve, but always relate to us in grace.

Thank your for your saving grace, which called us to know You, even though we were unworthy sinners, rebels and enemies.

Thank You for your pardoning grace, that because of Christ’s death on the cross, You forgive all our sins.

Thank You for your transforming grace; that You did not leave us in our sin, but changed our hearts so that we love You and want to serve You in sincerity and holiness, and that by your Spirit You are transforming us daily into the image of your Son.

Thank You for your disciplining grace, which enables us to become more like Jesus.

Thank You for your enabling grace, which enables us to face any and all life’s difficult circumstances.

Thank You for your preserving grace, which keeps us from falling and enables us to persevere.

Forgive us when we live in our own strength, relying on ourselves rather than your grace. Help us to believe and trust that your grace is sufficient, and to rely on You. Help us to reflect your grace and relate to others graciously as You do to us, especially to our spouse and our children. Help us and our colleagues create communities of grace around us in which there is healing and hope.

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