Day 7. He is All-powerful


Day 7. He is All-powerful

Be exalted O Lord. I adore You and worship You for your power, which knows no bounds. Thank You for the times in our lives when You have intervened to rescue us from difficult circumstances. Thank You for the times you turned round seemingly impossible situations bringing a positive resolution. We commit to You the difficult situations and unresolved tensions in relationships we are facing now, believing that by your power You can turn them round.

We commit to You relationships where love has died, churches where spiritual vitality has died, people and communities that are spiritually dead, believing that You have the power to bring life from the dead.

As we advance in age and our flesh and bones decline in strength, we look up to You for the courage to carry on, knowing that You will give us the strength to do the task You assign. The world is full of seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, to You, the Creator and Controller of the universe, nothing is beyond you. Help us Lord to always focus on your power rather than our frailty and the uncertainties of life.

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