Day 5. He is Sovereign


Day 5. He is Sovereign

We worship You Almighty God, Sovereign Lord, Mighty King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe. We thank You that all people and all things and events are under your sovereign control and that you are working out your purposes through them, even though we do not always understand.

We acknowledge your sovereign control over and right to rule our lives. We surrender ourselves to your will, for You to use as you wish; anytime, anything, anywhere.

When suffering and difficulty come our way, or to those we love, help us to believe that You are in control and have allowed a higher purpose in the suffering. When You choose not to remove the difficulties even though we have asked You to do so, help us to trust You, always remembering that whatever You do is for your glory and our good.

We acknowledge your sovereign ways in bringing people to salvation, but pray Lord that You will open the hearts of [name individuals, communities or people groups] so that they may come to know You as Lo rd and Saviour.

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