Day 4. He is Just


Day 4. He is Just

Almighty God, we praise You that You are a just God in whom we can trust, and a God who cares about justice and righteousness.

We marvel at your way of salvation in which we, guilty sinners, are made right with You without You compromising your righteousness.

We thank You that You lead us in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.

We thank You that in a world in which there is increasing injustice and oppression, in which human life and human rights are increasingly ignored, You are working out your just purposes.

Help us to be just and fair in all our dealings with people.

Help us to care as You do for victims of injustice and oppression.

We thank You that your justice means that You will judge the world in righteousness; for the hope that injustice will end and that the wicked will be punished; and for your eternal reign of righteousness.

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