Day 10. He is Merciful


Day 10. He is Merciful

Merciful Father, loving Lord, we thank You that You do not treat us as we deserve. Thank You for the cross where Jesus bore the punishment that should have been ours, which enables You to have mercy on us as sinners. Help us never to take for granted what that cost You, but to live day by day in humility and gratitude, knowing that it is by your mercies that we are saved.

As You have shown mercy to us, help us to show mercy to those around us. Soften our hard heart towards those who make mistakes, who are difficult, critical, rebellious and unkind. Help us not to respond in like manner. Help us to seek ways to restore rather than condemn.

Have mercy on our sending countries, many of which have turned their backs on You. In your mercy spare them from the judgement they deserve. In your grace, grant revival.

Have mercy on the lost in the lands where we serve. In your grace, enable them to hear, understand and respond to the Gospel.

Have mercy on the insurgents and terrorists who are in spiritual darkness; as You had mercy on the apostle Paul, shine the light of your Gospel into their lives we pray. 

Lord, thank You for your mercy.

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