Adaptive Equipment for the Disabled in Malawi


Project Vision: The project hopes to provide equipment to 500 children who would not have had access. 500 families will experience God's love and care through the Christian staff at the hospital. As a result, these children will have opportunities for work, school and play that would not have been available to them. All patients are offered the opportunity for prayer and we have a spiritual team that visits and prays with patients.

Zimveka’s Story:

Zimveka Biton, a 2 year old girl from Thyolo, is the youngest of Ida’s 4 children. Although her birth was normal, she has never been able to walk or stand, because of the great pain she feels every time she puts any weight on her legs. Ida has taken Zimveka, and her older sister, Alinafe, who suffers from the same condition, to many health centres, but has received very little help for her daughters. She says, “It is really hard & so painful to see my girls deformed. It is my desire that my children will be able to walk and that I can focus on family resources.” Neither girl has been to school yet, and they resort to crawling to get from one place to another.

Pic caption These leg-braces and simple standing-frame will help Zimveka, and her whole family.

Prayer requests

Please pray for Zimveka, Alinafe, and the many other children in Malawi who suffer from congenital deformities. Pray that they will get the physical help that they need, and that their families will be able to cope with the extra difficulties of looking after these children. Alinafe means ‘he is with us’ – pray that they would be aware of God’s caring presence through the compassion shown by the staff at CURE Hiospital.

Project background

Through working at CURE Hospital and seeing firsthand the great need. SO many kids would have a brighter future if this equipment was available to them. 

Many kids leave the hospital without appropriate adaptive/rehabilitative equipment which would aid their rehabilitation and ability to live more independent lives. CURE hospital does not have sufficient funding to do this.



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