96751 The Tiwale Centre


Project Vision: We would like to provide a facility where many facets of KINDLE Orphan Outreach’s ministry will be enhanced. This will provide a venue for workshops and trainings that will impact community and church leaders, guardians of orphans, orphans themselves, and KINDLE staff and volunteers. It will also provide a meeting place for special events such as Christmas parties for orphans and youth.

Tiwale Centre has been used extensively for meetings of Kindle staff, volunteers, beneficiaries of various programs, and community leaders. These cooperative meetings have varied and far-reaching impact. For example:

The results of the study conducted by Kindle on girl child’s education indicated that most of the reasons that promote high dropout rate among girls were to do with lack of parental and community interest in sending the girl child to school. One of curbing this was the use of force facilitate which is best facilitated by chiefs as it works on both parents and the child, hence establishment of chief’s council. The council has since been introduced to the Senior Chief Kalonga of the area. The council has already rescued a girl child from child marriage and she is back in school.  The council will be expected to handle any other issues related to Kindle and the community.

Prayer requests –

Pray for the ministry that is already taking place in Tiwale Centre: gatherings of youth, church leaders, chiefs, volunteers, and Kindle staff.

Pray for additional funding to complete construction, allowing Tiwale Centre to be used for its main purpose as a vocational training centre.

Kindle’s Director Joseph Kandiyesa meeting in Tiwale Centre with leaders from local churches. Our aim in meeting with them is to promote unity and cooperation between the different denominations


This project is for construction of Tiwale Centre, and during this period doors were installed and plastering was done on inside walls. Now that the doors are in place we are able to keep chairs and other furniture in the meeting rooms instead of bringing them in from storage for every meeting.

Kindle’s Family Life Group Coordinator, Pastor Rhoda Nyirongo, meets family life group leaders and volunteers in Tiwale Centre. These volunteers lead weekly meetings in their villages where they conduct Bible studies and pray for one another



Project background

KINDLE Orphan Outreach began work in Salima District in 2002. It seeks to meet the needs of orphans and their guardians through education, health, community development, and spiritual/social activities. 

In order for these ministries to be fully effective there are times when various groups need to receive special training, including meetings when all the orphans and their guardians are called together. 

Presently these meetings take place outside which can cause difficulties during the rainy season or very hot season with no shade.  This project will alleviate this problem and provide a wonderful place to meet all these needs.


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