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Project Vision: To train and resource Sunday school teachers.

Understanding Each Other

Q? What do an otter, a beaver, a lion and a golden retriever have in common?

A: They are all categories of personality/character used by a modified Disc training program that spent one day with our STUM team in March.

Two lions struggle to get on well, but two otters can have a great time together, though other people find them insufferable. Beavers are happy beavering away on their own, and golden retrievers just want to get on with everybody.

STUM Team photo taken with Daniel & Jeanie Ough after training in team dynamics, March 2016

So in our team at STUM we are a mixed bunch and it was good to learn more about each other to enable us to work together as a team. The Bible has a lot to say about unity, and a lot to say about grace. Both are needed for a team to function well, and it was eye-opening to discover the assumptions we make in our behaviours as we relate to one another – especially in a multi-cultural team.

Conclusion; A foundation is being established through STUM that is really going to help the work of raising a generation of children with a desire to love and serve God in Malawi. STUM is enabling people with a passion for children’s work to be able to use their skills in reaching out across the denominations. It is hard to find a comparable organization in the world that is doing what STUM is setting out to do- across the denominations.

Prayer Requests

 Our main need at present is financial partners to help to establish the STUM network to be a viable movement that is really used by God to fulfil its aims.

Pray too for our volunteers to have a real heart for this childrens’ ministry

Wisdom in expanding the work as God provides opportunities and resources

Local BCM Training

STUM now has 21 District committees covering about two thirds of the area of Malawi. We finished forming STUM district committees in this area apart from Lilongwe city which is partially covered.

Been a period of reappointing some district committees which have not performed. As a result we are developing a stronger team of dedicated people in the districts.

Main activity has been forming Zones in the districts.

A good development is that the district committees are doing most of the work. We send them the finances to do the work.

A steady supply of resources- lesson books and visual aids has been going out to the areas. An extensive book of teaching material has been circulated – Bible Teachings with an African Perspective.  The material emphasizes teachings relevant to children and families. This has been well received.  The material is being updated currently to prepare for a revised publication.

STUM has been giving teachings using the Bible Centred ministries modules which are well received.

We have the ongoing challenges of limited finance to do the work. The good side of that is we are learning to use our finances we have available more wisely.

The appointment of a programme manager, Brian Banda who is doing a very good job of administration along with the STUM country Director - John Msowoya who is giving good leadership.

The first fund raising initiative by a STUM district - raising pigs.

Plans for the upcoming six months- April- Sept 2016.

The STUM country coordinator meeting with the District coordinators to give them training, encouragement and build teamwork.

To continue finishing forming the zones in the districts.

By September we plan to start to gather together people from each district zone who can be trained to go and train others.

A change in emphasis is that STUM will stop making visual aids partly because of the costs involved.  This will also free the team members to be involved in more training events.

Beginning to make partnership agreements with the largest denomination in Malawi- CCAP church (Church of Central Africa Presbyterian).

STUM plans to purchase marquees and chairs to hire out as a fundraiser for STUM. To encourage district committees to do some of their own fundraising with startup funds from STUM headquarters.

Long term goals.

To cover the rest of Malawi with district committees to oversee the work in their area.

For STUM to become financially more independent.

To look to help neighbouring countries with the experience we are gaining in Malawi.

History of project.

2004 - August 2008 - training and resourcing Sunday school teachers in the Africa Evangelical Church in Malawi.

2008-2013- Jim Young employed 5 team members to start the training of teachers in all churches in Malawi. In January 2012 a pastor John Msowoya caught the vision to set up a district, zones and cluster committees to do the training in his area.

2013-2014- Jim Young took on the vision of John Msowoya to start an organization called STUM (Sunday School Teachers United Movement). By late March 2014, 10 district committees had been formed in the central region of Malawi.  Appointed two more STUM staff, an Administrator and Sports Coordinator. Became a registered organization in Malawi. Have established an office in Lilongwe city.

2014-2015 - Began the partnership with Bible Centred Ministries (BCM) to develop a teaching programme using their teaching modules. In April 2014 two BCM trainers came from overseas and trained 35 trainees from 10 STUM Districts and SIM team members. SIM team members have been following up the trainers to give more training in using the teachings. In October 2014 we sent three of our team members to Sri Lanka be trained in the BCM material.




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