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Project Vision: This project is conducted at Kindle Orphan Outreach’s Katawa Community Clinic.  It is for the purpose of purchasing medicines and health supplies for the clinic, and transporting these medicines to the clinic from Lilongwe.  The objective is to provide quality medical care for the people of this community, including many orphans and vulnerable children. This is a channel for sharing God's love and mercy

Kindle has just hired a new employee named Chikumbutso Khembo (lrft). “Chikumbutso” which means “reminder,” is an apt name for someone in his position. His job is to help us to see the impact of the work we are doing and to make sure that the work is effective according to the purposes to which God has called us in this ministry. We look forward to even more fruitfulness with the reminders and guidance he is able to provide.

Story time

Mtondo support group for People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) started in April, 2016 at Katawa Community Clinic. It started with very low attendance of only 8 clients meeting weekly, but membership is now up to  about 26. Katawa staff including government staff who are working with us are the ones proving health teachings to this group. Of recent, Total Land Care has joined Katawa to support PLWHA from our catchment area especially those in support group. Katawa and Total Land Care are proving technical support to this group, and there is hope that more resources will be channeled towards this support group. They are getting diverse information on different issues related to agriculture, health, nutrition and not forgetting human rights. We are currently advocating for massive attendance of those living with HIV/AIDS in such gatherings. We are happy that community has welcomed this initiative warmly.

Prayer requests

Praise for the work that is being done at the clinic and the strong partnerships that make this work possible.

That Katawa Community Clinic would continue to be a place where people receive both physical and spiritual care.

For the management team of the clinic, which is currently entering a time of transition.


Katawa Community Clinic continues to care for 200+ patients each day, between the outpatient clinic, under-5’s clinic, critical care unit, and nutrition clinic.

Project Background

Through the ministry of Katawa Clinic we expect there will be 

1) a community that is actively working at reducing disease and improving health and well-being. This will be indicated by the number of latrines and other hygiene sources available and by fewer funerals in the community;

2) healthier children, indicated by an increased number of children in school, fewer child deaths from malnutrition or basic diseases such as malaria, intestinal problems, etc. (clinic records);

3) an improved ecomonic situation with better food production as people are better able to farm and work - indicated by personal testimonies and social situations;

4) specifically, the outcome of the provision of medicines will be that people will come to Katawa for treatment and be healed physically and also hear of salvation through Jesus (indicated by personal testimonies and church records).The local community contributes to the running of the clinic through the provision of building materials and volunteer labour on building projects. 

Each patient pays a fee of MKw50 (US$0.33) to been seen at the clinic. While this fee is not a lot, it is more than the government hospitals, where treatement is free. The fee includes the consultation, treatment and necessary medicines. This brings in an average income of MKw145,000 (US$966.00) per month. From the fees, 45% goes toward the general operations of the clinic, 45% toward the purchase of medications, and 10% is placed in a fund that is used at the discretion of the Community Committee for maintenance and other improvements at the clinic that the committee want to see. The fees do not cover all of the costs of running the clinic, hence this project to help the clinic to be able to offer a good level of service to the community.  

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