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Project Vision: To see trained and equipped evangelical church members and leaders reaching people of other faiths with the Gospel so they become worshippers and followers of Jesus Christ. This project’s purpose is to equip the leaders of evangelical churches in Malawi effectively to reach out to people of other faiths and present the Gospel to them.

John Semphere teaching in Chiradzulu

Training Events

August we had training oportunities in the Chiradzulu area. We trained a group of pastors for two days. It was a rural setting but people were willing to learn more about Islam and how to reach out to M*sl*ms. An extra encouragement was to see two of our young trainers motivating others. Our Assistant Humphries did a very good job and also John Semphere, one of our students from last years in-depth course was teaching.

Intensive course in Mission to M*sl*ms and Islamic resources.

Also this year we have started a new course which has a very long name “Intensive course in Mission to M*sl*ms and islamic resources”.  During this course we train our students in Mission to M*sl*ms and we read through all the important islamic resources like the Qur’an, Hadith from Bukhari, the Sirat rassul allah from Ibn Ishaq and some sharia laws. We are very glad God brought 18 students to this course and we hope and pray God will use them to enlarge His kingdom. 

Situation in the north

Last report I mentioned the name of rev. Yunusu Mataka as our region Coordinator of the northern region. In recent months he had the opportunity to reach many places because of his role in

Mthenga Wabwino. Almost every month he is visiting around 10 places to talk with traditional leaders as well as to motivate church-leaders. We also see that the larger denominations are involving him to train their church-leaders in Mission to M*sl*ms. The same we see for the youth and women-departments.  Because of his presence in the north we see the treat of Islam is also coming up. He was invited by the leaders of one of the imported mosques in the north to defend the book he wrote and to defend his preaching. We hope this will give us an opportunity to talk about the “hope which is in us”. 

Front covr of King of Glory


Last month’s we were very busy with translating the book King of Glory into both Chichewa and ChiYao. This book is a Chronological Bible story telling, specially designed for people working in a M*sl*m area. The book comes together with a movie with every chapter produced into a three or four minute movie. After the translation we did check the books and were very happy to see the quality of the Chichewa version. However the quality of the ChiYao version was not that good so we have to do some extra work. 

Open Doors

Most of the time I don’t know what the impact is of a seminar, a conversation of a book translation. Sometimes however we can see the results. During our last Pastors’ Book Set conference I was asked to teach about Islam in Malawi. Because it was the home of our regional coordinator instead of me I asked him to teach. God used him in to convince a number of people to think about Mission to M*sl*ms. However, some people did ask me why I didn’t speak myself as the leader of the organization. 

Now more than half a year later I am very happy that God guided me in making that decision. Because of his sermons many churches did invite him to speak. Since that time he has been invited in many churches. A year ago many doors were closed but because they heard him speaking the doors were opened for him. 

Prayer requests:

Pray for the churches in the northern part of Malawi. They are threatened by the coming of Islamic missionaries but they don’t know what the good response is. Pray for wisdom and God will remove the fear. 

Pray for the group of 18 students who started the Intensive Course. 

Pray for a growing group of new believers. Pray for perseverance and wisdom. Pray also for all the pastors who have to disciple these new believers. 

Give thanks for the group of facilitators we have, for their enthusiasm and passion. Pray also that God will protect them because they often face difficulties in their ministries. 

Pray for all the lay-leaders we trained last year that they will use the knowledge in their congregation to motivate the church to reach-out to their neighbours.

Pray for the M*sl*ms in Malawi that they will follow Christ and embrace Him as their personal Saviour.

Pray for the book King of Glory, Pray God will use this book to bring others into His kingdom. 

Project background

The Chichewa title ‘Mthenga Wabwino’ means ‘Good Messenger’. Mthenga Wabwino focuses on training church leaders in the local language of Chichewa so that they can be adequately prepared to engage in discussions with their unreached neighbours. One-day seminars are being run throughout Malawi. Follow‐up, in-depth, multiple-day training seminars have also been held. In addition, for credibility and referral purposes, we strive to be engaged directly in this outreach work. As the ministry develops we want to encourage interested individuals and churches to network so that the outreach efforts are enhanced. Mthenga Wabwino translates, writes, produces and distributes literature for training as well as literature that can be given to people to read.


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