96758 KINDLE - Outreach & Development in Nanjoka


Project Vision: To increase knowledge of God’s Word through establishment of 20 new Family Life Groups & Youth Groups and strengthening the 44 existing groups.
To increase self-sufficiency, sustainability and community capacity through the introduction of Village Savings and Loans (VSL’s) schemes and/or Income-Generating Activities (IGA’s) to every Family Life Group
To improve quality of life through the provision of direct care and assistance for 12 households which are caring for multiple orphans.
To raise the level of education in the community through provision of 60 scholarships/yr to support local OVCs to obtain their MSCE qualification
To improve long term prospects for growth and development through the establishment of vocational training opportunities/programs in tailoring and carpentry, especially for orphans and widows but that may be accessed by others in the community as well
A volunteer reunites a family in Sadzu.
Kindle’s family life ministry continues to bear fruits. At Sadzu village a volunteer has helped re unite a broken marriage. A man had chased his wife away and married another one. Upon hearing this, the volunteer started counseling the husband until he rescinded the decision, calling back his first wife and releasing the new wife.
Prayer requests
-Our communities and Malawi as a whole needs good rains this coming rain season.
-Kindle needs more partners to support our ministries especially at Nanjoka projects site.
770 bibles were distributed among family life groups, youth groups and the elderly groups to aid them during their bible study sessions and at home. This has greatly eased the work of the coordinators for these ministries especially when conducting bible studies and other bible assignments, and increased opportunites for faith to be integrated into people’s lives.
Food security is a vital asppect of KINDLE's work
Kindle’s Food Security Coordinator embarked on training staff and communities in making low cost fertilizer from dung and discarded maize bran / husks. This mixture has been proven to be very effective, and many who have tried it have testified the strength and cost effectiveness. Five (5) Communities have been trained involving 166 individuals. Eight (8) staff members were trained at Nanjoka.
Despite erratic rainfall this year, our “Kolezani” families (families overloaded with orphans) who used this low cost fertilizer on their fields have harvested a surplus of maize. The head of one of these families has managed to store up 1500 kg which she will use from January 2017.

Marilyn Barr addressing participants to Family Life Retreats

Project Background

KINDLE Orphan Outreach started in 2003, working with a rural population of approximately 5,000 people, but has since doubled that catchment area. This community has a background of African Traditional Religion and little biblical input, resulting in lifestyles associated with immorality, drunkenness, witchcraft, and weak family structures.

Building on the work of the previous Spiritual and Social Capacity building project, this new project facilitates the work of KINDLE within the community in a number of ways: 

Family Life Ministry, working with adults in Family Life Groups (wives and husbands, widows, guardians of orphans) to teach the Gospel and biblical living in families, together with discussions around various issues such as home management and HIV and AIDS, in order to strengthen marriage bonds and deepen their understanding of the word of God.

Youth Ministry, working with children and youth in Youth Groups, training them in the Scriptures, guiding them to make right choices, and providing healthy social structures in which they can develop their God-given potential.

Training, for Church and Community Leaders. This project specifically provides training for guardians of orphans and vulnerable children, the main Kindle Orphan Care Committee, and volunteers for Family Life and Youth Groups

Secondary school sponsorships for orphans and vulnerable children.

Food and water security, providing farm inputs, training, and livelihood support for vulnerable households that are overloaded with orphans; forming irrigation farming clubs; training people to make and use compost, and helping to service broken water supplies.

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