96351 Hope for AIDS EBCoM Curriculum


Project Vision: To enable the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) to provide effective and relevant teaching on HIV/AIDS through a course entitled “HIV/AIDS from a Christian Perspective”. This course, to be taken by all students, will enable them to be able to minister effectively in the context of AIDS following their graduation from College. This project will provide the funding required for selected EBCoM faculty to upgrade their knowledge through enrolment in a suitable distance education course, and also provide for purchase of library resources, books and relevant materials.

Prayer requests

Pray that the lecturer for the HIV/AIDS course this year will teach it well and that the students will be attentive and impacted by it.

Pray for the new Principal who will start on 1 July 2016.

Project background

As the AIDS pandemic spreads across Malawi, the church has a vital role to play in teaching about a godly lifestyle which promotes abstinence and faithfulness as well as taking a lead in implementing compassionate ministries to bring hope to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) of Malawi has approximately 80 congregations primarily in rural Malawi and so is well placed to play a strategic role in starting a grass-roots response to the AIDS pandemic. However, many of the pastors and church leaders feel ill-equipped to speak knowledgeably about HIV/AIDS or start AIDS ministries. In order to equip the next generation of pastors and their wives, HOPE for AIDS, is working with the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi as the primary college for training AEC pastors. (Indeed, the AEC is a founding member of this Bible College.)

By continuing to support a suitable course on HIV/AIDS at EBCoM, not only will the AEC benefit but also the other denominations who send some of their Bible students there for training, including Zambezi Evangelical Church, Brethren In Christ, Anglican, Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi.

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