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Project Vision: To improve the scope and quality of HIV care to patients in Lilongwe through improvements in systems and infrastructure.


Prayer requests

For plans for hospital expansion in the coming years

Leadership transition for PIH as Dr. Jansen hands over the reigns of Executive Director to our Malawian physician, Dr. Namarika,  Dr. Jansen will continue to work at the Board of Trustee level to assist with fundraising, recruiting and executive support

Additional doctors, nurses and administrators to assist PIH’s work.


PIH Electronic Data System-The Worldwide Labs Electronic Data System “went live” in October of 2016.  In preparation for this, PIH provided extensive training for staff at all levels and the PIH implementation team oversaw the process of starting to use the system real time.  There were a number of challenges relating to software, hardware and user “gliches” but these were worked out with the implementation team and WWL technical support.  The software did not perform well in the area of documenting and retrieving individual patient clinical information and it was felt that, for patient safety, we would primarily focus on the core features of billing and laboratory and pharmacy inventory.  The system has improve our accountability for drugs and billing and will give us much more data about our financial performance.

PIH Power Project- The Solar Power/Inverter system has performed well during this period with no significant problems.  The current configuration is phase 1 of 3 aimed at getting PIH “off the grid”.  It currently provides very stable power for the laboratory/diagnostics area as well as the inpatient ward (our stated priority areas).  Phase 2 expansion will give us enough panels and batteries to cover up to 10-12 hours of power outages without having to start our expensive generator.  Phase 3 will then completely take PIH “off the grid”.




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