86520 EBCoM


Project Vision: This project envisions Evangelical Bible College of Malawi developing its dynamic and vibrant ministry, while remaining authentic and relevant, in training competent spiritual leaders for evangelical churches in Malawi.

Prayer requests

Pray for the college that it will continue to provide good training opportunities for the Malawian church community

Pray for new principal as he starts his role on July 1

Pray for the graduating students that they make a positive impact in the churches where they will serve

Project background

The College needs additional funding to maintain and expand the its facilities. Most of the students at the College come from poor rural areas in Malawi and Mozambique, and so already find it difficult to raise funds for tuition and boarding. In order to keep the fees at a reasonable level, funds for capital enhancements at the College need to be sought from other sources.

Every five years, EBCoM articulates its strategic priorities through its development plan. This project seeks to fund five selections from these priorities: facilities (chapel & staff housing), administration (endowment fund), staff (ongoing professional education as recommended & initiated by the college management team), educational programmes (resources in Chichewa language).



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