96558 Pastors' Book Set (PBS) Conferences – Malawi


Project Vision: To equip evangelical pastors in Malawi with the biblical and theological resources they need to effectively lead their congregations.

Story time

Reference is made to the article “Mission takes another step forward” and photos in SIM Malawi’s emagazine Malawi Amoto

Another article:

Having experienced God’s blessing in the previous two PBS mission conferences in 2012 in Blantyre and 2013 in Lilongwe, we looked for the event of 2015 to the Lord to call individuals to go and churches to send after they listened to the speakers, teaching in authority and with experience. Time has come to go beyond the listening to the doing and going.

After the talk on “Call for Missions”, when an altar call was given for full time missionary service, around 70 delegates responded by coming forward as a mark of their commitment. This was beyond our expectations!

This is what one of the delegates said after the conference, “My spirit is burning with the teachings on Missions you gave us during the Pastor's Book Set Conference. My spirit is charged for the work of God”. We rejoice in the Lord for such testimonies from participants, glorifying God for His work in their lives. We confess humbly, “We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty” (Luke 17:10). Praise be to Him!

Prayer requests

Please give praise for the wonderful experience of God’s talking and blessing during the 2015 PBS Mission Conference in Mzuzu. Pray for the follow-up with the 70 who expressed commitment to go themselves as missionaries or send some from their congregations. Pray that Malawi will join the mission force with strength in the near future!

Please pray – and consider to give – for the upcoming PBS conference for youth leaders. Pray that all the logistics will come together and that we reach the right clientele with our invitations.


As the topic of “Mission” has sufficiently been introduced and promoted throughout Malawi with remarkable success, we are now looking into organizing PBS conferences for youth leaders to provide input for their ministry in the churches. To disciple the youth according to their needs and equivalent to their specific “culture” is oftentimes a challenge in Malawi where adults tend to control also the youth work. Preparations are yet in their beginnings, mainly sensitizing those youth leaders of the upcoming events with whom our current youth ministries get in touch through their networks.

Regarding the book sets we cooperate in this endeavour with SIM Kenya where the titles get selected and printed, before the sets will be distributed in several East African countries. 

Project background

In 2008, SIM Malawi held four conferences for pastors in Lilongwe (the capital city), Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu. Two thousand pastors benefited from a week of teaching and a set of seventy books to assist them in their ministry.

Many Pastors serving in the churches of Malawi are under-resourced. Following on from these very successful Pastors' Book Set Conferences held in 2008, it was decided that any resources remaining after these conferences would continue to be used for further seminars as the opportunity arose. SIM together with the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) sought to continue to use available funds to run appropriate seminars on topics of interest to church leaders in Malawi - such as missions, traditional religions, youth & children etc. A defining mark of the seminars is the inclusion of a selection of related resources - books, tracts etc. in both English and the local Chichewa language. To maximise the benefit of these seminars, although participants contribute a course fee, the cost of running the seminars and providing the books is heavily subsidised through SIM donors, as most pastors and church leaders would not be able to afford the full costs.

In addition, two lay-leadership seminars were to be held for pastors and leaders within the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), SIM's partner church in Malawi, to provide training with locally produced material, for them to cascade throughout the leadership of the local churches.  

This new project update has since been revised to plan for such PBS Conferences every one to two years, combined with lay-leadership training seminars and workshops amongst the leaders of the Africa Evangelical Church.


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