96357 Roof a Church in Malawi


Project Vision: SIM Malawi is constantly seeking ways to assist the local churches of its partner denomination, the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), as it grows both physically and spiritually, while at th same time avoiding the promotion of dependency on outside support. One way we can help is to provide newe congregations with metal roofing sheets to finish off construction of their new buildings.

The roof was finally placed on the church at Dumba, The congregation had done a great job providing all the timbers and even some of the roofing sheets themselves. We hope it have photos in time for the next report.


Give thanks for the missionary families who still have an active interest in praying for and giving to the ministries here in Malawi.

Give thanks for the efforts of the congregation at Dumba in putting the roof on their church.

Pray that more finances would be given for this project so that many other churches can share in the benefit of putting a roof over their heads.

Project background

Roof a Church in Malawi is a partnership with the churches, encouraging them to mould the bricks and make the walls, which most are able to do. But a big obstacle to them is the cost of the roofing iron. We see that in a long list of churches waiting for iron sheeting. They can get the first part done (molding the bricks and building the walls.) but find it difficult to put on the roof. Churches see the building of a church as an important stage in their development. People in the community look on the building of a church as meaning that the church is serious and committed to being the church in the community. People like joining a church which has a building and rather than meeting in a school or makeshift building. So the building of a church is important for church growth.



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