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Project VIsions By faith we see trained pastors and church len: ads equipped to lead the Malawian church. We see the church growing both numerically and, most importantly, into deeper personal relationships with Jesus Christ.
Graduation 2016 at EBCoM

At the moment SIM is providing scholarships to 12 students enrolled at EBCoM in the 3 year certificate or diploma programs. 4 of the 12 students are expected to graduate from their courses in July, 2017.  1 of the 4 who will graduate next year is a serving pastor upgrading his qualifications.

Over the past 3 years, we have experienced a fairly good number of candidates offering themselves for training hence 10 residential students are continuing with their studies now and 2 extension students are in training.  The need in the church for trained leaders to provide good teaching to the church members is still great.  There is also need for leaders to go and reach the unreached as well as hard to reach areas with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.

3 students graduated in July, 2016 and one of them happens to be a serving pastor.  Two of the students are on internship, attached to some seasoned pastors to gain some firsthand experience in ministry.

Revd and Mrs Makhutcha in local Bible study with SIM Mozambique Director


From August 23 to September 2, 2016, Rev. Gusty Makhutcha who attained his Diploma in Theology in July, 2016 at EBCoM, together with his wife and their youngest child had a two weeks mission experience in the Yao area of Lichinga in Mozambique which is predominantly Muslim. This was to explore mission opportunities across the borders of Malawi.  The Makhutchas had an opportunity to learn a little bit about the Yao culture and their language with the hope of going for mission work in Lichinga next year. 

Rev. Gusty Makhutcha had this to say, “We have learnt a lot from what our colleagues are doing in Mozambique and have a picture of what it means to serve in a cross cultural setting.  The experience has given us food for thought as how to prepare for the task ahead of us.  Please pray for us so that we can be of the Lord’s use there.”

We praise God for this ministry opportunity and pray that many pastors would have the passion to actively get involved in cross cultural and cross border mission.

Prayer requests

Praise God for the improved number of candidates offering themselves for Biblical training.

Pray for continued increase in the number of students offering themselves for full time service.

Pray for Rev. Gusty Makhutcha and his family as God prepares them for mission work in the Yao area of Lichinga. Mozambique and that God would meet their needs.

Pray for the AEC to get more involved in supporting part of the students’ costs.

Pray for the college itself that they would continue to have the resources needed to train these young men & women for ministry.


We envision many congregations having resident pastors who teach the Word of God and help their members to grow spiritually and deliberately reaching out to their neighbours.  We will continue to sensitize the churches to understand the need to respond to God’s call for full time service so that many leaders are raised and trained. We trust that those doing their training, upon graduation would use their skills to teach sound messages in the congregations they will be assigned to and others reaching out to unreached communities.    

Project Background

The Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) denomination is made up of approximately 100 churches and 40 additional preaching points. Disproportionately, the AEC only has 40 current pastors and evangelists. The Malawian Church has enormous potential, but in order for this to be realised, godly members must be raised up and trained to lead the local congregations. SIM Malawi has three missionaries placed as lecturers at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM).

SIM Malawi has teamed up with the AEC to provide future leaders with the necessary firm biblical foundation. The Church endorses members from its congregations as potential church leaders. Following an interview process, involving SIM, AEC, and the colleges themselves, SIM provides successful applicants with scholarships to Bible colleges. These scholarships generally cover tuition fees, boarding fees, and transportation to and from college each term. Without assistance like this, nearly none of the students or churches would be capable of financing a substantial, Christian education. Students are expected to provide their own funds for registration fees, books, and other personal expenses.

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