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Project Vision: This project envisions Evangelical Bible College of Malawi to develop its dynamic and vibrant ministry, while remaining authentic and relevant, in training competent spiritual leaders for evangelical churches in Malawi.


EBCoM – New pastors, new Principal, new year ahead


Back in June we attended the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) graduation and celebrated with our 2 AEC (Africa Evangelical Church) graduates who are now better equipped to become pastors, and with 1 current AEC pastor graduating from the extension course who received the ‘Best Academic Result’ award! 

There was more rejoicing as the new Principal, Pastor Masikamu, was introduced (on the RHS of the photo). He asked that everyone should pray for him so that they should then love him because if they love him they will support him – a wise & humble request! 

Following graduation the students went on break, and thanks to those who supported the EBCoM Support Project, the college was able to undertake the urgently needed project of replacing 100 or so old, rotten, fallen ceiling boards throughout the campus, re-waterproofing the roofs ready for the next rainy season, reconcreting one of the dormitory blocks and repairing all the beds ready for the start of the new academic year in September. Please pray for the new academic year, that with the improved facilities there would be no distractions from the vital task of preparing a new generation of well equipped church leaders & pastors.

Prayer requests 

That the NCHE assessments will be fair & reasonable so that the college can meet its accreditations in due course.

That God will provide the funding needed for the extra NCHE requirements eg building additional toilet blocks, extraequipment such as projectors, major improvements for the driveway & drainage etc which are currently outside the scope of this project


Over the last 6 months the project has:

Continued support of 50% of the salary costs for 2 masters qualified staff  

The 2 staff have been supported since November 2014 and the project has sufficient funding to continue their support for the next 6 month period. 

Urgent maintenance for dormitories, roofing, beds  

Over 100 water damaged ceiling boards were replaced and ceilings repainted (see before & after pictures right). Roof waterproofing was applied to prevent further water damage on each of the buildings concerned.

The floors & khonde for one of the dormitory blocks was re-concreted as it had become pitted and badly eroded in a number of areas (see photos of repairs in progress and finished work).

Repairs were also made to ensure all of the ~100 beds were in good condition prior to the start of the new academic year.

Future Plans

In the next 6 months, we plan:

To continue to undertake prioritized urgent maintenance tasks

To continue salary support for the 2 faculty members

Procurement of 2 computers for administration staff


Project background

As part of this partnership with EBCoM, SIM Malawi is committed to assisting the college develop the standard of theological education through support of staff and facilities. The college is especially in need of this support at this time due to financial pressures triggered largely by the devaluation of the Kwacha (the local currency) which has impacted the college ability to pay staff, undertake needed maintenance and invest in the facilities which can then be used for income generating activities.

The objective of the project is therefore to provide for some staff salaries & course costs, building maintenance, training and facility upgrades over the next 12-24 months to give opportunity for EBCoM to recover from its current financial challenges and strengthen its capacity to run self-sufficiently for the future.


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