96058 Chichewa Bible Study Books


Project Vision:cTo provide Bible study resources in Chichewa for either personal or group Bible Stud


Books are being distributed and bought through several different channels – other missionaries, churches, missions, etc.  They are also available through the Christian Bookshop in Lilongwe.  Because of the lack of Christian material in Chichewa, some are also being used as resource materials in the Chichewa Courses Bible colleges. 

Some of the books have been translated into chiYao, and also used by Portuguese speakers in Mozambique.  There is at least one outlet where they are being used in South Africa among Chichewa speaking people living there

There continues to be a break in the writing at the moment as I adjust to new circumstances in my own personal life, but I know that studying these lessons for myself, and writing them down to share with others, will be an encouragement and blessing.  May God use them for His glory! So the current writing of a study of the book of Mark entitled “Jesus is Calling” has been delayed.  The purpose of the book is to invite non-believers to respond to the call of Jesus to give them a new life, and also to challenge believers to respond to the call of Jesus to a life of discipleship and victory in Him. 

Besides the original author and production of Bible Study books, other ministries of SIM and AEC are also being blessed by publishing materials in Chichewa through this project.  This includes the Youth ministry.  With young people eager to read anything they can get, this can have a real impact on their lives and on the Church as a whole.

Thank you for praying with us!


For wisdom in preparing the study on Mark’s gospel

For God’s sustaining hand in new personal circumstances


Project background

The project started back in the 1990s to help meet the need of the women of the Africa Evangelical Church for materials to use in teaching in their weekly meetings. It expanded from there to provide books for everyone, even for personal use, including a Bible Survey series. The purpose is to help Christians to increase their knowledge of God’s word and as a result to grow in their Christian life.

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