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Project Vision Supporting the placement of Missionaries to Malawi from New Contexts (MNCs) / majority world countries. – We would like to enable missionaries from non-traditional sending countries and churches with emerging mission movements to take part with their unique skills and gifts in the various ministries under SIM Malawi’s mandate. We are seeking to gradually increase the number of placements of MNCs on our field. The initial project duration of three years will assist us in gaining experience regarding the cooperation with the various countries, churches and sending offices which will certainly lead to a fine-tuning of the project in the future. 

Bizunesh & Abera (at left) in conversation with Kwitunji youth


For the last 12 months, Abera and Bizunesh have persisted in visiting Kwitunji village to build on the relationships that they began while living there. Not an easy task in itself given that they endured quite a bit of opposition at the time.

Travel to Kwitunji has not been easy, as it is 16kms down a dirt road with very little public transport available. Abera had proclaimed “I can walk”. But fortunately as part of their language and culture learning, Abera & Bizunesh developed a strong relationship with a Malawian Yao missionary couple working for CAPRO Mission.

So Abera has been travelling together with Daniel on his motorbike regularly into Kwitunji to meet with seekers and a handful of believers.

Bizunesh has been travelling by minibus to Namwera with Feliya to meet with a group of Yao ladies for discipleship and encouragement. On one occasion travelling back late at night, they were involved in a vehicle accident and Feliya’s leg was broken. Praise God she is now recovered and they can continue this discipleship ministry.

Perserverance is clearly a characteristic that will be needed in full measure.

Prayer Requests

Please praise God for:

ongoing ministry opportunities even in the village they had to leave 18 months ago

for growing relationships

the provision of a house

Please pray for:

Abera & Bizunesh, their sister-in-law, and the wider family following the death of his brother

God to open the doors to further ministry around Namwera, and for perserverance even in the face of difficulties

for more missionary candidates from new contexts to be identified to come to Malawi


The next step once they return to Malawi will be to move to the new housing in Namwera, and really be able to settle into their ministry once again.

Project Background

SIM Malawi has a steady need for missionaries, but it is increasingly difficult to recruit in traditional Western countries, especially for placements in rural areas or where schooling options are difficult. At the same time emerging mission movements are looking for appropriate opportunities to place their growing number of missionaries. Recognizing the financial challenges connected to that, this project tries to contribute to a successful placement of missionaries from new contexts to Malawi. While they are able to raise funds for their individually agreed, essential support needs, SIM Malawi desires to assist them by covering costs that exceed the basic needs of such missionaries, but ease their placement and support our member care, e.g. orientation & language learning necessities; administration & setup costs; medical & travel needs. These needs may vary depending on the country of origin and through which office the MNCs will be send. Avoidance of dependency will be given ample attention in the support budget discussions. Acknowledging the mutual mandate, SIM Malawi missionaries will be encouraged to contribute to the support of such missionaries.

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