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Project Vision: SIM Malawi strives to play a role as catalyst in cooperation with likeminded churches and para-church organizations, facilitating the further progress of an emerging mission movement out of Malawi.



Lilongwe and Blantyre PBS Follow Up Meeting 

During April and May, further follow-up meetings were held in Lilongwe and Blantyre with those who expressed interest in being involved in missions, either sending or going. Praise the Lord for these PBS Follow up meetings. In total 103 pastors and lay leaders attended these meetings. Bolaji Sholoton (Christian Mission Foundation), Emmanuel Akawau (CAPRO), Paul Mawaya (CCAP) and Watson Rajaratnam (SIM) served as facilitators and spoke on topics like “Mission Sending”, “Mission Cross cultural communication and contextualization”, “Maintaining Spiritual Vitality on the Mission field”, “Missionary Life”, “Mission Mandate”, “Mission Call”, “Motivation and, Selection”, and “Mission Tripartite Partnership among Missionary, Church and Agency.” Around 40 delegates expressed their desire to serve as career missionaries in Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Afghanistan and China. Some even mentioned that they were ready to go anywhere they are sent.

 Malawi Mission Prayer Fellowships

With the aim of nurturing those who showed interest in cross cultural missions, Malawi Mission Prayer Fellowships were then formed in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre in June 2016. Since July 2016, pastors and lay leaders have been gathering in Blantyre (3rd Thursday) and in Lilongwe and Mzuzu (4th Thursday) to learn more about cross cultural missions and to pray for unreached people groups. The fellowships are led by Malawian pastors and leaders.

Mission Seminars

A number of seminars have been held at 2 Bible colleges, Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCOM) in Blantyre and also the Baptist Theological Seminary in Lilongwe. Faculty staff and students alike were encouraged to consider God’s missional nature and character, and to consider his call to take the gospel across cultures, and not just back into their own churches.

Missionary Candidates Mozambique Mission Exposure

Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) pastor Rev Gusty Makhutcha and his wife Mrs Elina Makhutcha have expressed their willingness to serve as long term cross cultural missionaries in Mozambique.  Rev Makhutcha attended the first PBS Mission conference conducted in 2012 in Blantyre, and has felt God’s call for him to mission since his early days at Bible college.

As part of their preparations to serve as missionaries, they went on a 10 day Mission trip to Mozambique from 23 September to 2 October, 2016.

During their trip they met and stayed with SIM Mozambique team members and discussed about the possible scope of their work and opportunities to serve among the Yao unreached people group in Mozambique. They had opportunities to interact with missionaries who are currently serving among the Yao people as well as with the local Yao people. They are looking forward to serving among the Yao people in Mozambique from July 2017.

For more information about this item please see the article in Malawi Amoto. Please click here

Prayer Requests

Pray for the ongoing prayer fellowships in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, and Blantyre, of people who are interested in mission.

Pray for the Makhutcha family as they prepare to go to Mozambique, and pray for us as we facilitate their “sending”

Pray for the development of strong mission training courses in Bible colleges in Malawi


Project Background

SIM and its predecessors in Malawi AEF and SAGM have a history of over 110 years of in-country service. While the Malawian church developed over time a vision for ministry within Malawi's borders, the efforts to reach beyond its borders in obedience to the Great Commission are limited. Following a Pastors' Book Set Conference on Mission in Blantyre in June 2012 with 750 participants, the Malawian Body of Christ responded enthusiastically with a renewed commitment to get involved in the Great Commission (see separately uploaded missions communique). Another Mission PBS conference of similar size in the capital Lilongwe in April 2013 built on this enthusiasm, reaching an even wider church community.

As SIM Malawi seeks to facilitate the further development, we will be for example organizing conferences and trainings of stakeholders, inviting experienced speakers and arranging short-term trips and exchange or field visits to gather firsthand experience and insights with the aim to enlarge their horizon beyond Malawi and even beyond southern Africa.

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