Sports Friends Malawi


Football – ‘The Beautiful Game’ – is considered the national sport of many African countries, and Malawi is no exception! So it seems logical that football should play an important role in SIM Malawi’s strategic Focus Area to Reach Children and Youth.

To achieve its goals in this area of work, SIM Malawi has teamed up with another SIM International ministry, ‘Sports Friends’, which works in a number of countries across Africa and South-East Asia.

The vision for Sports Friends Malawi is that it will work to develop a nationwide network of church-centered sports ministries working with both boys and girls of all ages.

So far over 110 church teams containing over 4,200 young people have become involved in this work. Initially this work was concentrated on the AEC throughout the country, but now new developments are seeing other denominations in discussion with Sports Friends Malawi to see how they can be involved with them. There is also the possibility of the ministry being used to help plant churches, especially in the Yawo areas.

Sports Friends Malawi is not just a good excuse for people to come together for sport. Children and young people who take part in the programme are taught sporting skills alongside studying the Bible and training in life skills which will help them both on and off the pitch.

Action from the recent netball camp

A recent development for Sports Friends has been the introduction of netball. A demand from sisters and, sometimes, mothers of boys playing football has led to this second sport being added. The first netball camp has also been held which saw four teams of girls spend a weekend in netball coaching and games as well as devotionals and worship.

It is hoped that, as with football, netball will start to spread across all of Sports Friends’ partners.