Sunday School Teacher training


From the outset of this work in 2004 until September 2008, this work was exclusively with the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) but, following the first SIM Malawi Pastors’ Book Set Conference in 2008, which was held in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba, it has widened the training to other Churches.

Sunday School teachers discussing a teaching point at a recent training session

All of the initiative for this work came from SIM Malawi's small team, as a number of churches and denominations do not have a mainstream theology relating to the teaching of children.  

The work is truly nationwide and, since 2008, the team has visited all of the main towns in Malawi, from Karonga in the north to Nsanje in the south, at least three times. This means that the team has made a lot of contacts but, because of the transient nature of the work, each time they go back to an area a significant number of those contacts may have changed.

Until recently the team would be on the road roughly ten to12 days each month, touring different areas. Since 2012 that model has changed and now the team will go to one area for up to ten days and will work with as many churches as possible in that area.

In its work in training Sunday school teachers, SIM Malawi has started to partner with the South African office of Bible Centred Ministries (BCM). BCM offers a wide range of training materials and programmes into which the SIM Malawi team is starting to tap.