KINDLE Orphan Outreach


KINDLE Orphan Outreach is a Malawian NGO set up in Nanjoka, Salima, in 2003 to care for orphans in the local community. KINDLE – which stands for Kids In Need Deserve Love and Encouragement – is keen to stress that despite the ‘Orphan Outreach’ in its title it is not an orphanage! Keeping orphans in their home setting helps to reduce the stigma of being an orphan.

Within the African culture of extended family ties, orphaned children are most often taken in by relatives and remain part of the community. KINDLE uses its resources to train and empower those guardians and communities to assist one another, in order to take care of their orphans well.

KINDLE operates in four main areas of work:

Health: KINDLE owns and operates a health centre and a nutrition clinic, and offers health teaching in the community. 

Education: KINDLE assists with secondary-school scholarships for orphans, and provides volunteers, training and assistance to local schools. 

KINDLE has helped to provide a solar powered water pump for a local village which guarantees a safe water supply for the villagers

Community Development: KINDLE assists communities through clean-water projects and helping to start income-generating activities for some guardian families, through training programmes and assistance in agricultural projects. 

Spiritual/Social: KINDLE organises youth groups and family-life groups in the community, and works with local government to provide training for leaders in the community. 

For SIM Malawi it is not just an aim to Reach

Children and Youth but also to develop the children and youth of Malawi with whom its missionaries come into contact, to build up well trained, skilled and valued people who will go on to be church and community leaders of the future. By giving the children and youth of Malawi a future to hope for, SIM Malawi seeks to bring hope for the future of Malawi itself.