Partners in Hope


Partners in Hope Medical Centre is a Malawian non-profit organisation that began in 2004 with a focus on making a difference to those affected by HIV/AIDS.  During that time it has grown to a busy medical centre which cares for over 7,000 patients with HIV.  Through a grant from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) its EQUIP-Malawi project provides training, mentoring and facility development at over 70 hospitals and clinics in Malawi's Central and Northern Region. 

Recognizing that HIV/AIDS does not occur in a "vacuum", PIH has expanded its focus to broader health systems strengthening.  Its vision is to provide, "Quality Healthcare...for Everyone" and its Mission is to "strengthen the healthcare system in Malawi to deliver Quality, Equitable and Sustainable services through the development of a non-profit teaching and research hospital".  

PIH has three "strategic anchors" that help it focus on its work:

A Non-Profit Teaching and Research Hospital

While maintaining a focus on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) PIH is growing into a full-service hospital with the next steps in this process being a Surgical Centre and Pediatric in-patient wards

The Partners in Hope Medical Centre in Lilongwe

Medical Education & Research

Through an affiliations with the University of Malawi, College of Medicine and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Program in Global Health. This includes training of medical students and residents and research projects in HIV/Tb and related diseases

Capacity Building

Through its EQUIP-Malawi Grant PIH provides:

  • Training and mentoring in management of HIV-related diseases
  • Training and mentoring in anti-retroviral therapy for HIV treatment (ARVs)
  • Training and mentoring in Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
  • Improving access to quality family planning and STI services
  • Training in tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment
  • Strengthening laboratory capacity
  • Supporting Malawi's national ART program through provision of laboratory services (viral load monitoring) free to the public sector.

Tigwirane Manja

Tigwirane Manja (literally ’Let’s Hold Hands’), reflects the desire to build strong relationships with HIV/AIDS patients while they are at the PIH Medical Centre, and after they have been discharged to their homes into three nearby communities.  

With a focus on drug adherence counseling, addressing psychosocial needs and encouraging community involvement, the Tigwirane Manja team follows up patients who have been cared for in the Moyo Clinic, Dalitso Clinic or Thandizo Ward at PIH. During home visits, they check to see if patients are receiving the support they need to keep their viral loads low and lead healthy lives.