Impacting the HIV/AIDS Crisis


To help Impact the HIV & AIDS Crisis, SIM Malawi works with HOPE for AIDS, with Partners in Hope Medical Centre and through the work of a doctor at the African Bible College (ABC) Community Clinic in Lilongwe.

In Malawi, HOPE for AIDS works closely with the AEC in its heartland in the southern part of the country. A recent development has seen a HOPE for AIDS Co-ordinator for the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi established in Lilongwe so as to increase the spread of the ministry and its work.

Based in Lilongwe, the Partners in Hope Medical Centre is a partner organisation with SIM Malawi, set up initially, and still led by, a SIM Malawi missionary. The centrepiece of its work is a hospital and clinic in what was, just a few years ago, an abandoned factory. Today the Partners in Hope Medical Centre offers some of the best medical testing and diagnostic laboratories in the country, as well as two clinical areas. One of these is the free ‘Moyo’ (‘Life’) clinic which currently deals with 4,200 HIV/AIDS patients. The second is the ‘Dalitso’ (‘Blessing’) private clinic which offers a fee-paying service for a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

PIH also operates ‘Tigwirane Manja‘ (meaning "let's hold hands" in Chichewa) a community outreach clinic which operates in three areas around Lilongwe.

ABC Community Clinic offers private and free medical facilities and, while it can offer a wide-range of treatments, HIV/AIDS care and prevention are a vital part of its work.