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Watson Rajaratnam (left), SIM Malawi’s New Initiative Consultant and speaker at PBS 2013, looks forward to this year’s event in the northern town of Mzuzu

The books have arrived, the speakers are confirmed and preparations are well in hand for the next Pastors’ Book Set Mission Conference (PBS) which is set to take place in the northern Malawi town of Mzuzu in November.

Building on the success of the conferences in Blantyre (2012) and Lilongwe (2013), the 2015 version of this popular event will be slightly smaller, 350 pastors, but will be important as it opens up the northern region of Malawi.

Pray that God may

Prepare the ground in the North of Malawi to receive the messages on Mission;

Stir churches in the North and other parts of Malawi to send their pastors and leaders to the conference;

Bring the 325 participants we are targeting for the conference;

Provide the outstanding funding (approximately US$10,000) still needed to run the conference

Provide good health to the organising team as well as wisdom and grace to them as they focus on various logistical preparations for the conference (e.g. transport of book sets to Mzuzu, lunch for all participants, accommodation for the team etc.);

Encourage the right participants to respond to the radio publicity and register their names for the conference by the first week of November;

Provide good health to the speakers, Conrad Mbewe (Zambia), Johnson Asare (Ghana), Watson Rajaratnam Joseph, Nico Bontenbal (SIM Malawi), Paul Mawaya (CCAP), James Kalikwembe (EAM), and Yunusu Mataka (Mthenga Wabwino);

Give His anointing and abundant grace to the speakers that they may prayerfully prepare and present relevant messages during the conference;

Give favour in the eyes of the Aviation Authorities and Immigration Officials of Malawi to issue the clearance to the landing of the Flying Mission flight chartered to bring in speaker Conrad Mbewe from Zambia;

Raise Malawian pastors who would be ready to send cross-cultural and cross-border missionaries, and missionaries who would respond to the call to serve in other parts of the world.

While talking about the focus of Mzuzu PBS, Watson Rajaratnam, a previous PBS speaker and recently arrived as SIM Malawi’s New Initiative Consultant, explained: “We are organising this conference, with the aim of motivating Malawian pastors and leaders for Missions, identifying missionary candidates, equipping and ultimately sending them into the harvest fields.

 “Bringing sets of books from overseas and organising speakers who have busy schedules is not easy but, praise God, we have managed it by His grace! Now we get into the detailed planning for the conference; there is still much be to be achieved and to be prayed over.”

Not least in the prayer needs is funding which is necessary to help make the event pay for itself.

“We are asking pastors to pay towards the event but we still need around US$10,000 to help meet the overall costs of putting on this event. Money is needed for publicity, for paying expenses, for hiring of the venue and for the food we will provide for the delegates,” said Watson.

“We have been in this situation in previous years and we are confident that God will provide for our needs as Mission belongs to God.”

Moving the conference to the northern region of Malawi is partly in response to requests made by pastors in that part of the country. Travel around Malawi can be difficult but, in spite of this, many pastors have made the very long journey to Blantyre and Lilongwe for previous conferences and training events. But there have been pleas from pastors in the north to bring training to them and this plea has been heeded.

Through this conference we hope to see more and more churches in Malawi, committing themselves to make missions their top priority and prayerfully raising missionaries to fill the harvest fields. Thus, the possibility of Malawi becoming a mission force to reckon with, would no longer be just a lofty dream, but a sure reality, by His grace.


The Pastors’ Book Set Conference is supported by

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