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In the previous issue of Malawi Amoto we introduced the theme of change which is blowing through SIM Malawi. This issue continues that theme.

We have an interview with our new Country Director, Mike Hammond, as he takes over the role from Hans-Jörg Richter.

We find out about how SIM Malawi’s flood-relief work will change and take a new direction.

And we see how a sewing project could change the lives of the ladies involved.

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In this issue

New Country Director 

Spiritual Life Conference 

When disaster turns to tradgedy                   

From relief to recover - Malawi floods update                         

Our People Out There                  

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Volume 2: Issue 5
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Webpage icon Spiritual Life Conference 2015
Webpage icon When disaster turns to tragedy
Webpage icon From Relief to Rebuilding
Webpage icon ‘Tiyamike’ Let us give thanks