Malawi Amoto (Flames of Fire)



Malawi Amoto  

SIM Malawi's e-magazine published six times a year. 

When David Livingstone first saw what today is known as Lake Malawi he asked what the body of water was called. He was told ‘Nyasa’ which is ‘Lake’ in the Chiyao language and so Nyasaland was born.

When Malawi gained independence from the UK, the Lake again played a part in the naming of the new country. ‘Malawi Amoto’ means ‘Flames of Fire’ which describes the sunset over Lake Malawi and so Malawi (Flames) was born.

But for SIM Malawi ‘Malawi Amoto’ also has a significant meaning as we think of ‘Flames of Fire’ which the Disciples in the Upper Room experienced on that first Pentecost. Our prayer is that we will full of God’s ‘malawi amoto’ as we do His work in this country.


Volume 4 2017/18

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Volume 3: 2016

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 Issue 5                     Issue 6

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