Lent 4


Fourth Sunday in Lent – 30 March 2014

Yohane Malenga

Isaiah 35:5

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.

There was a time when Jerusalem had problems* but God promised to open their eyes and unstop their ears. One can only experience and appreciate light when the eyes are opened and the word of God when the ears are unstopped, because the word of God is the lamp to one’s life. So the ‘Lent Period’ should really be considered as a time for deep reflection and soul searching. 

Our prayer should be that God should open our eyes and unstop our ears so as to hear the Word of God and see the light to appreciate the love of God.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, I pray that you grant me the grace of opening my eyes and unstopping my ears so that I see and hear about your will in my life. Amen

Yohane Malenga was the eldest of his siblings when his parents died, leaving him the head of the house at a time when he should have been attending secondary school. His family was selected to receive food and farming assistance by Kindle Orphan Outreach, and Yohane was able to attend not only secondary school but even to receive a post-secondary diploma. He is now working for Kindle, helping families that are in similar situations to the one that he and his siblings once faced.

KINDLE's 'Two Yohannes'

Yohane Chisale

Exodus 33:14

My presence will go with you and will give you rest.

Through this verse I know that the presence of God is always light to man. As Moses prayed for God’s presence, everyone who is under God’s guidance experiences light and those without God are in darkness. God promised to give Joshua every place his foot stepped on.

This means that God always brings light to our paths but what remains for us is to listen, understand and follow God’s word.

We need God’s presence in order to feel his light and peace. We shall only experience God’s favor if we allow Him to lead the way.

Prayer: Oh God, Almighty, we praise you for being our creator, constant guide and provider. Amen.

Yohane Chisale writes: I am a Malawian young man from a Christian family of the Roman Catholic background. I am a third born son in a family of five. Married to Annita Kamanga, together we have three children, all boys.

I have been employed by Kindle Orphan Outreach for seven years now. I want to thank God for caring for me and I know He has a purpose for me.

Yohane Malenga and Yohane Chisale, known as the Two Yohanes, work for KINDLE Orphan Outreach as Community Development Facilitators. Their job is to work with the many local villages which are supported by the work of KINDLE in the Nanjoka area of central Malawi.

KINDLE looks to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and their guardians within their community.

KINDLE stands for Kids In Need Deserve Love & Encouragement and works across four broad areas:

Education – student sponsorships are helping children from pre-primary to secondary school

Health – KINDLE supports the Katawa Community Clinic; its Critical Care Facility and Nutrition Clinic provide quality care for a large community

Spiritual/Social – looking to build and strengthen relationships within the community to encourage virtuous leaders and improve family stability. KINDLE runs youth and adult ministries offering Bible study to all

Community Development – to encourage a community which can support itself. KINDLE projects address areas such as clean water and sanitation, irrigation, small business initiatives, community infrastructure and direct support to households and orphans

To offer support to this initiative please quote by project number

MW 96750 KINDLE spiritual and social capacity building







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