Lent 3


Third Sunday in Lent – 23 March 2014

Pastor Fostance Mtolo

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path.

He who has the Word of God planted deeply in his/her heart has light. God’s Word will be the illuminator that will help us to take the right steps and enable us simply to lead others in the right direction.

As people of the Light, we have to help others move from the state of darkness, ignorance, sin and death to the kingdom of light, knowledge and life. Jesus Christ himself is the Light and it is He who helps us to know the truth, which sets us free.

Because we know Him who is the Light, we cry out for our brethren who are walking in darkness and we plead for God to bring them out of the dark into the paths of righteousness.

Pastor Fostance Mtolo was formerly the Africa Evangelical Church Youth Ministry Co-ordinator. In this role he worked with Luke Voight of SIM Malawi who heads up the Sports Friends Malawi ministry. As this work expanded the opportunity for Fostance to go full-time with Sports Friends came up and he took up the post.

Sports Friends is a SIM world-wide ministry which looks to help young people develop sporting and life skills as well as bringing them under the Word of God.

In Malawi the work is mainly, but not exclusively, with the AEC, and already over 3,000 children and young people are in the programme. Originally started to let young men play football and improve those skills, a demand from mothers and sisters of the young men has led to netball being.

In all cases the training is carried out by trained Sports Friends coaches in the local churches, and every training session includes a time of devotions.

o offer support to this initiative please quote by project number MW ‘96754 Sports Friends Malawi’






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