Build the Church


Three of the key strategic partners working with SIM Malawi in its efforts to Build the Church are the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM).

Based on our historic relationship with the AEC, SIM strives to assist the Church in many aspects of its work in order to achieve a greater effectiveness in ministries and stronger church life.

A SIM Malawi missionaryworking with Kay-Leaders of the Africa Evangelical Church

Lay-Leadership Training

A developing strategy, supported by SIM Malawi, is seeing an emphasis on trained lay leadership in the AEC. This theologically based training is helping elders and other leaders of the AEC to understand better their roles as spiritual leaders in a local church and equip them adequately for those roles.

Evangelical Bible College of Malawi

Given that SIM Malawi is a founding trustee of the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi, missionaries are training people who will go on to become pastors in the AEC, allowing this growing Church to develop congregations acro

ss the whole of Malawi. However, not only the AEC but also several other Churches such as the Evangelical Church of Malawi and the Zambezi Evangelical Church, benefit from the services rendered by SIM missionaries in Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses at EBCoM.

Inter-denominational Co-operation

Some SIM Malawi ministries and projects are best served by co-operating at an inter-denominational level through the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM). For example, SIM is well known throughout the evangelical community for its Pastors’ Book Set Conferences, organised together with the EAM. After a week of teaching on relevant ministry aspects, the participants receive a set of books on the topic, to equip them further for service in their respective churches.

Many of SIM’s other ministries, to Reach Children and Youth, Pursue the Unreached or Impact the HIV/AIDS Crisis are all intertwined with this key strategic focus area.

Whatever form it takes and with whichever partner organisation it works, SIM Malawi sees the focus to Build the Church as crucial to its work. This is not a new venture; Building the Church has always been a strategic goal in the history of SIM Malawi, it remains so today and will continue so in the future.