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  •  Welcome to SIM Malawi

    SIM Malawi is a Christian mission organisation dedicated to sharing the love of Christ in Malawi in both word and deed. We do this in five areas as we look to: Pursue the Unreached, Build the Church, Reach Children and Youth, Impact the HIV/AIDS Crisis, Advance Mission

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    Special Feature - Project MW96851: Adaptive Equipment for the Disabled in Malawi

    Project VisionThe project hopes to provide equipment to 500 children who would not have had access. 500 families will experience God's love and care through the Christian staff at the hospital. As a result, these children will have opportunities for work, school and play that would not have been available to them. All patients are offered the opportunity for prayer and we have a spiritual team that visits and prays with patients.

    Prayer requestsPlease pray for Miracle, and others like him, that he would be helped physically and spiritually through his contact with CURE Hospital.

    For more information about this project please follow this link

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